What Women Really Want for Christmas

What she really wants...

What she really wants…

Are you looking for ideas to buy a woman something for Christmas? We may be able to help you. We’ve compiled a TWC Press Gift Guide for Her… We’ve all said it. “Oh, I’m just happy to spend time with the family and friends.” Or, “I have everything I need.”  Well, here’s a clue: that’s us just being polite. We’ve all pretty much hinted over the last twelve months what we would really, really like, and we’re hoping the person we were hinting to picked up on our subtle “Oh, all the Twilight movies are now on DVD” hints, or the not-so-subtle leaving of the jewellery catalogue open – and THAT diamond and sapphire ring marked with a circle and a ‘please buy’ scrawled across it.In case you didn’t pick up on the hints, and you’re now looking for a gift for her – mother, sister, girlfriend, gal pal, etc, then here are some ideas to help you out of your predicament:

Top 7 Gift Ideas for Her

7. Bling.

Yep. We may try to deny it, but for some of us, the sparkle of cut gems can have the same hypnotic effect as a mozzie zapper to a moth. Only, hopefully not so lethal.  A lot of your local jewellery stores will have last minute Christmas sales (which aren’t as good as the post-Chrissy sales, we know), and staff are more than happy to help with buying suggestions. Loads of stores also offer an online service – Amazon, for example.

silver gold diamond charmMy hot suggestion this year: Pandora. Let’s face it – if a woman received a Pandora charm, bracelet or necklace, she’s not going to be complaining. My pick: this oxidised silver, gold and diamond charm.Bling Pen

If you want to give a ‘practical’ gift, here is a Swarovski pen that is beautiful and useful and is at the top of my list…

Kardashian Coral Tote6 . Handbags

Handbags can be a bit of a personal purchase, and you need to think about the style of the woman you’re purchasing for, and how she’s going to use it. If she likes to throw things in and off she trots, then perhaps this coral tote from the Kadashian Collection might be her thing.Baggallini

If she likes to be a little more organised, a place for everything and everything in its place, then perhaps this multi-pocket handbag from Baggallini is more her style.

Olga Berg ClutchMy hot fave is pretty much always going to be Olga Berg, and this handbeaded clutch is no exception.

5 . Gift Vouchers

Then of course you’ve got shoes, tops, dresses, pants, etc . Caution: women love these, but only if they a) suit their figure, and b) actually fit. Don’t get her something that will wash out her complexion and make her look like a Ten-Tonne Tessie. She won’t appreciate it. If you are at all unsure, though, then perhaps a gift voucher from her favourite store is more the ticket. Let her pick.

4. Tools

Pink Tool KitSometimes, though, a woman needs to do a few things herself, and here at TWC Press we realise there are some simple jobs around the home that capable women are more than willing to do, and this tool kit  is perfect for that independent woman. And if she couldn’t care less what colour her tools are, then this cordless screwdriver  is a must. Bosch ScrewdriverWe know, this is a controversial selection for our gift guide, but we also know tools aren’t just for blokes…

3. Books

By far, the gift I like to receive most, and conversely, like to give most, is a book. It’s that simple.

A book – and they wrap so nicely.Christmas Present

These days you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to books, particularly if the woman you’re buying for has embraced the technical age and reads her books off of a device, like an e-reader. But if she likes to read off an iPad, iPod, her phone, or her own personal e-reader, then digital books are the way to go.  A voucher from Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Amazon –the possibilities are endless. Hint: select the book, and then in the buy section there is an option to ‘give as a gift’.

2. E-Reader

Oh, and if you’re going to buy a digital book, then there is always the option of getting the special lady an e-reader. There are so many options, and I always check the Dear Author site, as they put together a very well-informed and researched guide, and are, in general, a fantastic resource on a whole number of topics.

1.  Time

But the most valuable gift you can give a woman is time and convenience.  Cook her dinner, or order in. Look after the kids so she can go do that shopping, or grab an uninterrupted, warm coffee. Or even better yet, give her time for a facial, massage, manicure, pedicure. Wash up the dishes, if it’s just so she can snuggle down on the lounge with a good book (we can personally recommend this one!) – any opportunity to give that hard-working woman some ‘me time’ is always the best gift. Or give her ‘you time’. If your partner works (and yes, this includes stay at home mums because that’s still WORK), a date night or gal pal gathering where you get to spend time together to reconnect is going to be worth more than any Pandora charm, Kardashian handbag or tool set.

Anything that makes her life easier and frees up some time to focus on her is a priceless gift that she will treasure forever.

Well, there you go. I hope that’s helped you with your gift-giving dilemma!

99clogotreeHere at TWC Press, we’d love to know what was the best Christmas gift EVER that you’ve received? Leave a comment, and three lucky people will win a copy of TWC Press’s new anthology, Moonlit Encounters.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

6 thoughts on “What Women Really Want for Christmas

  1. Best pressie? Not sure but funniest pressie? Yep, got one. We (the Hub & I) always hung up our stockings with the kids, and one Christmas morning I woke to find mine filled with… a leg! Yep, The Hub had slipped a leg off one of our unsuspecting daughter’s dolls and shoved it into my Christmas stocking! His innocent response? “What else do you put in stockings but legs?”

    There were great goodies waiting for me under the tree of course but you know what? I can’t remember them. But I’ve never forgotten the leg and I loved it for his playfulness and the all the laughter he gave me that Christmas morn.

    The new books sounds fabulous and I can’t wait to read it. I’m so proud of you all and I wish you loads of success.

    • That’s wonderful! It reminds me of the lawnmower I was given one year. Like you say, I can’t remember what else was under the tree, but I certainly remember the lawnmower! It didn’t come from Hubby, but he was involved in the present selection – and he knows I’ve never forgotten!

  2. Great list Shannon :-) I’d love all of those – except perhaps the tools….we gave most of ours to son #1 when we moved. I’ve reached the decision that if I can’t fix it with me trusty artery forceps or a screwdriver or pliers…then I’m happy to pay someone :-)

    • Ah, see, I love tools, and I’d love my own set! Maybe it’s the residual wannabe-MacGyver in me, but I don’t mind having a tinker. My mother always used to say that whether we were son or daughter, we’d all learn to cook, and we’d all know our way around a toolbox.

  3. Hi All

    I have a copy of this book bought it already and am really looking forward to reading it.

    Love the list I also love to get perfume but books would be top of my list and of course you can never go wrong with chocolate LOL
    Not sure athat I would want the tool set though I am not handy LOL

    Congrats on the release Ladies

    Have Fun

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